In Memory of Shannon

In Loving Memory of Shannon 01.01.01

My brother Shannon would do anything to hear you laugh. The jokes were endless and often, no matter how hard you tried not to laugh, so as not to encourage more ridiculous jokes, you ended up laughing simply because his laughter was contagious. He was very dearly loved and terribly missed by so many.

When we were young my siblings and I wrote a lot of notes to each other. Somewhere along the way we all developed little characters that would often get drawn with our notes. I had a few but most often was a happy little bumble bee that reminded everyone to not take themselves too seriously and be like a happy little busy bee. One of my brothers favourite songs was “Don’t worry, be happy”, now that he is with me in memories only “Bee Happy” reminds me of sweet childhood moments and his wonderful laugh. Bee Happy everyone, life is too short to take seriously!

Bee Happy, Bee Salty, just Bee You! A yogic transformation: Breaking the barriers of co-dependancy

Living the unpredictable life that comes with loving someone struggling with addiction is truly difficult. It is very easy to loose your sense of self. I personally found myself working too hard to be perfect. I subconsciously believed if I just kept everything together and was absolutely perfect, life would somehow magically turn out ok. That my perfect behavior could even the scales of the chaos I was living. My personal yoga journey has not only about healing wounds but also about letting go and shedding the bonds of co-dependency. Yoga has helped me shed the insatiable need to be a happy little bee and find peace in just being me, present and whole. I can be happy, I can be sad, these are just emotions. They do not define me and I can let them pass. I can be present and allow my emotions to just be.

Join me on my yogic journey. Together let’s grow and learn to accept ourselves completely. Bee salty, Bee happy, Just Bee You!

-shellyQ, Founder, Bee Happy Wellness Inc


A quick shout out to Nikki Myers, Y12SR creator and amazing teacher. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to have learned from this beautiful soul. Part of my yogic journey was her “Breaking Barriers” course. Check out her course.

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