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Mission Statement: Provide a safe nurturing environment for long term recovery using the techniques of yoga, bodywork therapies and community for holistic approach to wellness.

At Bee Happy Wellness we aim to provide a safe nurturing environment free from judgement where people can come to find their path to optimal physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health.  We do this through the physical practice of yoga; bodywork therapies; breath work and breathing exercises; meditation techniques; and community programs.


Most importantly we wish to make these services affordable to people who are actively in recovery by subsidizing or fully sponsoring those who are learning to adjust to a life with healthy coping mechanisms.  There are many treatment resources for people in acute phases of addiction; but often people face challenges reintegrating after the conclusion of traditional addiction treatment.  Incorporating yoga and meditation as a routine practice has been proven to be very beneficial as an ongoing tool for long term recovery and emotional well-being. Bee Happy Wellness strives to remove some of the barriers such as the high cost of yoga studio memberships and fear of social judgement.

Although our primary focus is assisting those in active recovery, Bee Happy Wellness is for everyone.   Regardless of where in their life journey one currently find themselves, or what challenges one is facing, Bee Happy Wellness will provide a caring environment for growth. At Bee Happy Wellness we believe that optimal wellness is a recipe that is unique to every individual. We help each person find their own recipe for wellness from the many ingredients available. We also strive to provide a community where those who are financially able can contribute to assist those less fortunate.

We base our methods on looking at the Koshic view of the human being. Treating health issues in all 5 layers of a person for a more holistic approach to optimal emotional well-being.

People are often intimidated by yoga phrases and terminology, but it is quite simple. The five Kosha’s according to Vendentic philosophy are just one way of breaking down the layers of a person to help understand and find areas where one might be struggling. Breaking the layers down in this way can be an effective tool in locating problems that need to be addressed to find optimal physical, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. Bee Happy Wellness seeks to help a person journey through the layers of the self in a safe and supportive environment so that people can follow their path to bringing these layers into balance.

At Bee Happy Wellness we provide many different forms of yoga and physical movement to help us explore our bodies. We also provide bodywork therapies such as massage and myofascial release treatment to help relax tension in the physical body and address areas of pain/physical trauma.

At Bee Happy Wellness we provide meditation and breath work classes and workshops designed to help people find the tools to quiet the mind and assess imbalances.

At Bee Happy Wellness we provide classes and workshops to help people replace thought agitating habits with thought quieting habits.

We teach the tools to help one become a witness of one’s thoughts in order to be less overwhelmed by them.

At Bee Happy Wellness we provide a nurturing and safe environment and sense of community. Our goal is that through community and support you may better find connection to your truest self.

“When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a candle in a windless place.”
— Bhagavad Gita

More information on the Kosha/layers of the self

Bee Happy Wellness is not a religious organization but accepting of all spiritual and religious observances. We believe this is a deeply personal choice and strive to be respectful of such choices.

Bee Happy Wellness is not a replacement for traditional medicine or therapies.  We strive to complement such treatments in order to give an individual a more holistic approach to health.

Yoga and yoga theories/therapy do not need to replace western medicine, but we can find ways to have the different styles complement each other.”


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Bee Happy Wellness Center - Yoga, myofascial release treatment, massage, mindfullness, meditation, halotherapy, salt room, salt room yoga, halotherapy yoga, salt therapy, reiki, Aerial yoga, Juice bar, coffee

At 9 years old I was bored in school but was lucky to have an amazing teacher.  When the students were hyper and over anxious she would take us outside and teach us yoga. It was an amazing gift that transformed the path my life was to take. From that time whenever my life was difficult, yoga helped me get through. Returning to my mat became my therapy.

My life has been a serious roller-coaster. I have ridden many highs and had plenty of traumatic lows. Sometimes I feel if I wrote my story down it would be hard to believe it all happened to one person. I have known what it is like to live in a life of fear and shame. I have battled dark times and learned how to glue myself back together. Throughout my journey yoga has kept me grounded during the highs and mentally safe through the lows.

At a particularly difficult patch I decided I needed a drastic change in my life journey. All the signs started pointing towards the healing arts and helping other people the way so many had helped me. At the time I had almost entirely lost my voice, afraid to speak up and draw attention to myself. I took my yoga teacher training as much as a healing journey for myself as an opportunity to learn how to share the valuable knowledge that had been shared with me. Once I took that step it was like a snowball effect and everything started falling into place. I began teaching and learning from my students as much as I was teaching them.

Bee Happy Wellness Center - Yoga, myofascial release treatment, massage, mindfullness, meditation, halotherapy, salt room, salt room yoga, halotherapy yoga, salt therapy, reiki, Aerial yoga, Juice bar, coffee
I enrolled in a yoga therapy course, became a licensed massage therapist and myofascial release specialist, reiki master, certified in aerial yoga and began combining different healing arts for clients to create their tailored recipe for becoming a stronger version of themselves. Through my yoga therapy course, I found Y12SR and discovered just how much incorporating yoga with addiction recovery can really help. I have watched many people I love struggle with addiction.  With the current frightening statistics, it is probably nearly impossible to not have someone you know or care about struggling. I noticed a few things with incorporating yoga and addiction recovery, most importantly there is still a stigma involved with addiction that creates a social barrier for people struggling to feel they might be unwelcome in a yoga studio. Yoga often seems inaccessible to the newcomer, especially the newcomer struggling with addiction or in recovery.  Fear of social stigma, anxiety over trying something new and the high cost of studio membership being just some of the barriers that keep people from trying something that might truly benefit them. From this Bee Happy Wellness Inc a 501c3 not for profit was born.

It is my goal to open a wellness center that is free from social judgement. A welcoming place to anyone no matter what their current location in their own life journey. Once we have a space I plan to sponsor people in recovery to make memberships more affordable. I believe if we build a strong community together we can tackle the current opioid crisis one person at a time.

Donate to Bee Happy Wellness Inc – make holistic health affordable to help prevent relapse!

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