Fundraising Campaign

Donate to Bee Happy Wellness Inc – Support People in recovery, help prevent relapse

Step 1

Fundraising campaign to build a not for profit wellness center.

Our first fundraising campaign will be to find sponsorship for our wellness center. Our founders are already donating time and resources to help people in recovery in small group situations. We are looking to expand our capacity to help a larger number of people in recovery. Every penny donated goes directly to the building of the wellness center.

The wellness center will include Yoga, Meditation, Y12SR, Yoga therapy, recovery coaching, bodywork therapies (such as massage for co-occurring disorders) and halotherapy.

Salt room block sponsorship – Bee Happy Wellness Inc plans to build a halotherapy room. Salt block sponsorship is available. Your inscription on a salt block will be placed permanently in our halotherapy room. Either corporate sponsorship or “in memory of”. Email us for details.

Step 2

Once the wellness center is built we will partner with local acute treatment facilities and sponsor people for complete wellness memberships as they re-enter the community.

Memberships will include proven techniques to assist in long term recovery such as yoga, breath work, bodywork therapies (such as massage), halotherapy, mindfulness, Y12SR, yoga therapy and community programs.

All of these therapies are meant not as a replacement for traditional therapies but are to be complimentary to support and help prevent addiction relapse.

Yoga and yoga theories/therapy do not need to replace western medicine, but we can find ways to have the different styles complement each other.”

Donate to Bee Happy Wellness Inc – Make holistic help affordable to people in recovery and help prevent relapse!


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