Donate to Bee Happy Wellness – Help Prevent Relapse with Holistic Health Services

Donate to Bee Happy Wellness Inc – Support People in recovery, help prevent relapse


According to yoga philosophy we are all addicts. The ancient yoga sutras talk about human suffering being connected to our addiction to our thought patterns. Fast forward to modern day and we are facing an epidemic of opioid addiction. Many studies are starting to surface proving the benefits of including yoga and mindfulness in long term recovery plans. Many inpatient rehab facilities are starting to incorporate yoga with great success. At Bee Happy Wellness we see a gap, once people leave these facilities they face many difficulties returning to life at home. Yoga memberships at studios are very expensive and there is often a fear of social judgement.

At Bee Happy Wellness we aim to provide a safe nurturing environment free from judgement where people can come to find their path to optimal physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health.  We do this through the physical practice of yoga; bodywork therapies; breath work and breathing exercises; meditation techniques; and community programs.

Most importantly we wish to make these services affordable to people who are actively in recovery by subsidizing or fully sponsoring those who are learning to adjust to a life with healthy coping mechanisms.  There are many treatment resources for people in acute phases of addiction; but often people face challenges reintegrating after the conclusion of traditional addiction treatment.  Incorporating yoga and meditation as a routine practice has been proven to be very beneficial as an ongoing tool for long term recovery and emotional well-being. Bee Happy Wellness strives to remove some of the barriers such as the high cost of yoga studio memberships and fear of social judgement.

How your donations help:

Bee Happy Wellness is offering trauma sensitive, recovery based yoga and mindfulness group sessions to people in recovery.  We are currently offering these sessions free to small groups. We focus our services for people in recovery who have already completed acute treatment and are trying to reintegrate into a life with healthier coping mechanisms. We are building a strong community and tackling addiction 1 person at a time.

We have begun a fundraising campaign to build our own wellness center so that we can bring more tools and time into our offering for people in recovery.  We would like to grow our space so we can increase our impact on the recovery community. Our focus is relapse prevention by using as many health and wellness tools as possible.

Yoga and mindfulness are not meant as a replacement for traditional medicine or therapies however is most effective when used together.

Donate to Bee Happy Wellness Inc – Support People in recovery, help prevent relapse

Full Sponsorship Donations

Currently full yoga membership sponsorship for someone in recovery are $30 a month. This gives full yoga membership for a yoga studio including meditation and mindfulness classes currently in Morris County, NJ. Sponsorship is anonymous, the details of the person being sponsored will not be shared directly with the sponsor. Addiction stigma is still prevalent and it is important we respect the privacy of our members.

Donate to Bee Happy Wellness Inc – Make holistic help affordable to people in recovery and help prevent relapse!

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